The Auto-Pilot Weight Loss Plan (for People with No Time and No Energy)

An Easy Everyday Plan for People with Limited Time and Energy

Expect to lose 10% of your weight in two to three months

This plan was developed for long term everyday use. The core idea behind this plan was to develop a set of steps that require minimal effort and time thus making it super sustainable to ensure you lose weight and keep it off. 

1. Eat More of the Right Foods

Eat lots of vegetables high in fibre with a source of protein (preferably meat) for all your meals. Include carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch only. An easy way to remember this is to not eat anything white for supper.

2. 12 Hour Time Restricted Eating

Eat all your meals within 12-hours and avoid carbohydrates after lunch. You must place more emphasis on going a full twelve hours with only water over what you are eating. This includes your sleep time making it is an easy goal to achieve. This has numerous benefits especially the weight shredding effect of increased insulin sensitivity.

3. Sleep

You should make it a habit of getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night. Develop a sleep routine and stick to it. It will change your life in so many ways. Proper sleep boosts all metabolic functions and helps reset our crazy hunger stimulating hormones.

4. Water

You must drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. Our bodies burn calories increasing the raising the temperature of a glass of water to our body temperature. Drinking 8 glasses or 2kg of cold water can increase your daily metabolism by up to 600kj. This is burns the same calories as running a mile at average speed.

5. Your Day Off

Enjoy one cheat day a week, where you can eat anything you want. This will prevent your fat burning hormones from down regulating and causing a plateau in weight loss.

6. The Ultimate 5 Minute Workout

3 sets of squats alternating with push ups every day. Increase the number of sets or repetitions as you progress.

7. Eliminate Cravings and Hunger

Read and implement the 3-step plan below to eliminate unwanted cravings and hunger. Always have a store of healthy snacks and prepared ahead meals available.

 3 Step PLan



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