The Rapid Results Weight Loss Plan

Simple easy rules to lose 10% of your weight in 30 days. 

This weight loss plan was created for people who need to lose weight quickly but in a healthy way that will not cause rebound weight gain when you stop.

You should transition into our everyday auto-pilot weight loss plan after 30 days.

1. Eat More of the Right Foods

Eat lots of vegetables high in fibre with a source of meat protein for all your meals. Include carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch only. Never eat anything white for supper.

2. 14 Hour Time Restriction

Implement a 10-hour time restricted eating plan where all your meals have to be consumed within a 10-hour period. You will have to go 14 hours with only water and this includes sleep time.

3. Sleep

Make sure you get 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

4. Water

Drink 8 glasses of water daily (as cold as possible, the colder the better).

5. Your Day Off

Enjoy one cheat day a week, where you can eat anything you want.

6. Build Muscle to Burn Energy

3 sets of squats till exhaustion alternating with push ups every day. One set will require you to continue repetitions of the exercise until you simply can’t do anymore.

7. Eliminate Cravings and Hunger

Read and implement the 3-step plan to eliminate unwanted cravings and hunger. Have a store of healthy snacks and prepared ahead meals always available.

8. Boost Metabolism

Take one capsule (500 mg) of Green tea extract three times a day for maximum results. Instead, you could drink three cups of green tea if you are uncomfortable with pills.

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