The Top 3 Causes of Weight Gain after 30 (plus a Step by Step Guide to Fix Them)

1. Decreased Hormone Production after 30

Aging results in a natural decrease in hormones which accelerates after 30. In particular there is a significant decrease in estrogen in females, testosterone in males and growth hormone in both sexes as we get older.

These three hormones play important metabolic roles and the decrease in these hormones causes a decrease in your metabolism resulting in easy weight gain. Even more frustrating is the fact that your decreased metabolism after 30 makes it very difficult to lose the weight gained with just diet and exercise.

Furthermore the decrease in metabolic hormones send your entire hormonal system off balance causing other weight gain factors such as increased appetite and increased fat storage.

When we combine this diminished and unbalanced hormonal system with poor nutrition we have a guaranteed recipe for rapid weight gain after 30.

Female estrogen hormone levels begin to drop after 30 and there is a massive drop of 35% by 50.estrogen levels after 30

Source: AYDA

Male testosterone hormone levels start decreasing in the mid-20's then continue to decrease by about 1% per year.

testosterone levels in men

Source: Testosterone Tool

Growth hormone drops after puberty and continues to drop by 1% a year in both sexes.

growth hormone and age

Source: Mercola

2. Decreased Metabolism after 30

Everyone in their 30’s and 40’s knows that their metabolism decreases with age. You don’t need a scientific study to tell you that you cannot get away with eating a pizza like you used to in your twenties. 

This noticeable decrease in our metabolism is due to two reasons. Firstly, the decreased hormone production after 30 mentioned above, plays a significant role in slowing down our metabolism and secondly, there is a huge decrease in our free fat mass with age.

Your free fat mass is the weight of all tissues in your body other than fat. This includes all your bones, muscles and organs.

This is extremely important because the amount of free fat mass that we have is directly related to the speed of our metabolism. More free fat mass means faster metabolism and more weight loss.

The good news is...

there are lots of ways to your easily increase your free fat mass resulting in a faster metabolism and easier weight loss. For a detailed explanation on how free fat mass is related to metabolism check out this article on metabolism and weight loss or enter your email below to get our free guide.

3. Decreased Free Time after 30

Weight gain after 30

Finally, we get to the most significant cause of weight gain after 30. Kids, family and careers take up all your time. For most middle aged adults, their careers are in full swing and their young families require all their attention.

This situation leaves us with no free time and this makes following restrictive diets and sweat drenched workouts literally impossible.

Think about this for a moment...

an average person, would take 15-20 minutes to get to a gym, work out for a minimum of 30 minutes, shower, change and get back home in another 30-45 minutes. I certainly don’t know many adults that have 1,5 to 2 hours of free time everyday.

Lets be honest...

Diets and workouts are unsustainable and something will definitely come up at home or at work that will disrupt your best laid workout plans. The days will go by so quick that you will only realise that you haven’t been working out after a few weeks of not getting to a gym.

The limited time and extra responsibilities that comes with age also make it very difficult to eat properly. Mornings are crazy for most of us and it usually ends with us eating the easiest or closest food in our sight. This continues through the day and we end up in a cycle of poor nutrition that is difficult to break.

So whats the answer? 

The answer to losing weight over 30 is to address the actual age related causes of weight gain. This means re-balancing and increasing your natural hormone production, increasing your free fat mass and finding weight loss solutions that are time friendly.

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