About Me

Kam Moodley

Hey, I’m Kam, nice to meet you :)

I started ThinHappy40 in 2015. After working as a pharmacist for more than ten years and serving thousands of people looking for solutions, I discovered that the same groups of people had been asking the same questions over the last ten years.

The largest of these groups was the 35-45 year old adult market and they

were always looking for weight loss solutions, so I created a weight loss guide for my middle aged customers. The guide worked for so many people that I decided to build an online business around it.

After turning 35, I was able to understand this market with greater insight. This helped me identify other problems and pain points for 30-45 year olds and I am currently growing this business with products that solve those problems.

You can contact me on the form below, via linkedin, kam@thinhappy40.com for business and media proposals, and on admin@thinhappy40.com for all website related queries.